Sharpen Up - Gemina Health
Sharpen Up - Gemina Health
Sharpen Up - Gemina Health
Sharpen Up - Gemina Health

Sharpen Up


Learn more in less time and accelerate your progress

Get more out of every session with a greater sense of determination

Elevate focus to improve sparring & grappling sessions

Rapidly increase your training tempo and keep your momentum going

Provide a healthy source of fatty acids

Provide keto diet support

Boost brain energy

Regulate appetite

Promote weight loss

Promote healthy body composition

Boost overall energy and mood

Support a healthy digestive bacterial environment

Reduce lactate buildup in athletes

Sharpen Up

Nootropic Combination 

By combining these products, you can stay at the top of your game with improved memory and mental accuracy, along with focus and clarity.

What Is the Clarity Factor?

 Clarity Factor is the nootropic supplement supporting brain performance by entirely relying on natural herbs and amino acids. It also supports increased blood flow to your brain to help optimise focus and concentration that you need while in intense stressed environments 

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What Is Mushroom Focus?

 Mushroom Focus is a nootropic supplement which supports brain performance and boosts your immune system. It intends to keep you at the top of your game with its 100% natural and clinically proven ingredients.

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What Is MCT Octane?

MCT Octane is a "Keto- Brain Dietary Supplement" containing 100% premium grade blend of C8 and C10 fats sourced only from palm oil. 

It's rich in medium-chain triglycerides that are easily converted into fuel in the form of ketones to support weight loss along with brain & energy boost.

Especially, in athletes, it reduces lactate buildup and provides excellent weight loss results by encouraging the use of fat for energy rather than for storage.

It's distilled from 100% pure palm oil that is an instant source of energy for your brain and body.

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MORE Testimonials

The Immunity, chewable multivitamins & ACV gummies have been working great to get me well again! They taste way too good too! Thanks guys 

Josephine Masiello (2 time BJJ world champion)

As a holistic chiropractor who specialises in sport, I care for patients ranging from budding young talents to weekend warriors in various levels from amateur to world class professional. I trust Gemina Health in providing effective and natural supplementation's to help my patients achieve their goals and also helping to maintain their tip-top physical and mental states.

Dr Jackson Yee (Spearwood Chiropractic Perth WA)

No Hype . No Gimmicks - Just Performance!