Jack Distance EXTREME Pre-Workout
Jack Distance EXTREME Pre-Workout
Jack Distance EXTREME Pre-Workout

Jack Distance EXTREME Pre-Workout


Expand and Increase energy levels

Enhance your focus

Smash through challenging workouts

Enhance your athletic performance and go the distance

As athletes, we train hard and expect to see results from that hard work. 

With so many pre-workouts on the menu, it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the best product for your needs.

Jack Distance Extreme pre-workout is a a next level stimulant designed to give you extreme energy levels and athletic performance. Go the distance and smash through those grueling workouts and gain the results you desire.

What Is Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout

Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout is a powerful pre-workout combining ingredients to increase your energy levels and athletic performance.

The supplement comes in powdered form.

Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout by GEMINA HEALTH intends to empower you through your workout and smash your workout goals. 

Who Formulated Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout

Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout is specially manufactured for GEMINA HEALTH. It's formulated by taking the needs of an athlete and fitness seeker under consideration. Gemina Health is a well-known brand is only selling products that are backed by real science. 

Are Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout Ingredients safe & effective?

Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout consists of natural ingredients that are safe for use. Its effectiveness is clinically proven to increase energy and improve performance.

How to take Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout? 

The advised serving dose is one scoop (17g) with 16-24oz of water 30-45 minutes prior to training. Each bottle contains 30 servings, so it means one container is enough for 30 days supply.

"Sum it up! Jack Distance Extreme Pre-Workout by GEMINA HEALTH is backed by real science to increase your energy levels and enhance your athletic performance."

Q. Does this product contain stimulants?

A. Yes, it contains stimulants like Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans to provide super clean energy throughout your workout.*


Q. Who is this product ideally for?

A. Literally anyone over the age of 18 looking to have better workouts. Men and women no matter what type of training they do can benefit from a premium pre-workout product like this.*


Q. When is the best time to take this product?

A. Recommendation is 1 scoop 20-30 minutes prior to training.*


Q. Should users cycle off of this product?

A. Yes, it's recommend to take a 1-2 week break from any stimulant product periodically.*


Q. I see this contains Creatine, will users hold water?

A. This product contains Creatine HCL (hydrochloride), a type of creatine specifically used due to it’s potency and ability to not make you hold water or bloat.*

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The Immunity, chewable multivitamins & ACV gummies have been working great to get me well again! They taste way too good too! Thanks guys 

Josephine Masiello (2 time BJJ world champion)

As a holistic chiropractor who specialises in sport, I care for patients ranging from budding young talents to weekend warriors in various levels from amateur to world class professional. I trust Gemina Health in providing effective and natural supplementation's to help my patients achieve their goals and also helping to maintain their tip-top physical and mental states.

Dr Jackson Yee (Spearwood Chiropractic Perth WA)

No Hype . No Gimmicks - Just Performance!