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Love The Process - Lift Your Game - Get Results! 


The perfect combo for someone who spends hours in the gym daily or anyone who needs an added boost to their workout regime.

You can start off by boosting your workout and finish off by speeding up your recovery. 



✔️ Supports metabolism

✔️ Assists the maintenance of normal muscle function.

✔️ Supports sleep quality and recovery after hard workouts

✔️ Increase muscle mass and enhances strength

✔️ Decreases perceived exertion allowing you to work out longer

✔️ Support healthy weight management and tone

✔️ Increase metabolic rate

✔️ Help burn stored body fats as fuel

✔️ Quicker recovery periods from a healthier & improved inflammation response


What is Muscle Grit?
Muscle Grit by GEMINA HEALTH is a workout support supplement which assists in recovery, improves endurance, increases strength and decreases perceived exertion for an all over enhanced training performance.
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What is CLA 1000mg?
CLA1000 by GEMINA HEALTH is a weight management support that enhances your metabolism, reduces body fat, amplifies lean muscle development, and improves training performance.
It's a revolutionary break-through in the fat loss industry without any stimulants so you can avoid any jitters, headaches, or crashes.
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What Is Curcumin Boost
Curcumin Boost is a professionally engineered herbal supplement that provides powerful anti-inflammatory support to your joints and muscles, relieving aches, pains, stiffness, and tightness. 
It also includes patented black pepper extract (BioPerine) that guarantees maximum absorption and bioavailability.
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Why choose us?

Attention Extreme Athletes

" Imagine you could get Your Hands on the most  Perfect Vitamins and Supplements for Extreme Sport and Recovery, how far could you go?” 

You keep training and we'll keep supplying the right combination of vitamins for your extreme sport! 

Refuse to be Average 

MORE Testimonials

The Immunity, chewable multivitamins & ACV gummies have been working great to get me well again! They taste way too good too! Thanks guys 

Josephine Masiello (2 time BJJ world champion)

As a holistic chiropractor who specialises in sport, I care for patients ranging from budding young talents to weekend warriors in various levels from amateur to world class professional. I trust Gemina Health in providing effective and natural supplementation's to help my patients achieve their goals and also helping to maintain their tip-top physical and mental states.

Dr Jackson Yee (Spearwood Chiropractic Perth WA)

No Hype . No Gimmicks - Just Performance!


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