Calm Down
Calm Down
Calm Down
Calm Down

Calm Down

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Reduce stress and anxiety

Support brain and nerve function

Boost memory and cognitive health

Promote relaxation without drowsiness

Enhance the body’s natural anti-inflammatory properties

Daily stress reduction for clearer thinking and decisions

Adaptation to high-pressure situations, at work, home, or in the gym

Getting back to a playful outlook - and just *letting go* of suppressed frustrations

A deeper, restful sleep for enhanced recovery and well-being

A longer and improved sleep cycle for those who are switching their sleep patterns

An enhanced state of calm for improved quality of mind, next day focus and decision-making

Most serious athletes are always looking for ways to intensify their workouts. But if you train in the afternoon or evening, this can cause quite a challenge when trying to wind down. It doesn't matter if your go to is a supplement, pre-workout or an energy drink, we have your chillout covered. Relax, reset and sleep well with this combo

What Is Tranquility

Tranquility is a nootropic supplement combining vitamins and adaptogens to help reduce stress and anxiety. It intends to relax your mind, reduce stress and support important bodily functions with its natural and clinically proven ingredients.

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What Is Mindset

Mindset is a nootropic supplement combining vitamins and adaptogens to not only help reduce stress and anxiety, but also support your immune system.

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What is Deep Sleep?

Deep Sleep offers support with it's natural non-forming sleeping aid that intends to promote healthy deep sleep without any drowsy effects. Its clinically proven ingredients would effectively raise serotonin levels, promoting a calm, deep rest.
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The Immunity, chewable multivitamins & ACV gummies have been working great to get me well again! They taste way too good too! Thanks guys 

Josephine Masiello (2 time BJJ world champion)

As a holistic chiropractor who specialises in sport, I care for patients ranging from budding young talents to weekend warriors in various levels from amateur to world class professional. I trust Gemina Health in providing effective and natural supplementation's to help my patients achieve their goals and also helping to maintain their tip-top physical and mental states.

Dr Jackson Yee (Spearwood Chiropractic Perth WA)

No Hype . No Gimmicks - Just Performance!


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