Whole Foods Multivitamin Ingredients

Whole foods multivitamin contains clinically proven, powerful and effective ingredients including;


Vitamins & minerals

Research studies are showing that vitamins and minerals are vital for growth, immune function, brain development, and many other important functions (1)(2)(3).

Also, the physicians’ health study II reported that long-term, daily multivitamin use reduced the risk of cancer in individuals with no cancer history (4).


Proprietary herbal blend

The proprietary herbal blend has promising effects in cellular detoxification, reducing inflammation, and improving cognitive performance (5).


Omega Blend

Studies reported that omegas support mental health, helps fighting inflammation, and promote bone health (6)(7)(8).


Unique digestive blend

Research studies showed that digestive enzymes blend, including bromelain, papain, trypsin, and chymotrypsin, can help treat a whole host of health problems (9).


Probiotic blend

Multiple research studies proved that probiotics help reducing cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, reducing diarrhea, treating vaginal infections, promoting weight loss, and overall gut health (10)(11)(12)(13)(14).


Organic vegetable and fruit blend

Organic vegetable and fruit blend function as antioxidants, phytoestrogens, and antiinflammatory agents and enhances protective mechanisms (15).