Essential Electrolytes - Gemina Health
Essential Electrolytes - Gemina Health

Essential Electrolytes


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 Boost your energy

 Hydrate your workout

 Replenish your natural stores

 Regulate your internal PH levels

 Optimize your nervous system and muscle function

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge. They are involved in many essential processes in your body, but mainly, your nervous system and muscle function.

 They are found in your blood, urine and sweat. When we exercise, we sweat them out, there is an increase in blood flow due to your increased heart rate and we need to urinate more frequently due to water intake. Therefore, you need to replenish your stores after a workout. 

Some signs that you may need to increase your electrolyte intake are fatigue, headaches, muscle weakness and/or cramping.

"Sum it up! Essential Electrolytes by GEMINA HEALTH is backed by real science to help you stay hydrated and replenish your bodies natural stores after a sweaty workout"