MCT Octane

If you're an athlete or a fitness seeker, losing weight sounds easy, but in reality, it can be hard to support the right amount of "good" fats every day. You may also experience lactate buildup, a foggy feeling, and have lower energy due to the lack of carbs. 


MCT Octane by GEMINA HEALTH is the "Keto Diet Supportive and Brain Supercharger Oil," having powerful MCT formula with Vitamin E. It provides an instant source of energy, supports a healthy digestive bacterial environment, and reduces lactate buildup in athletes to offer great weight loss results. 

What is MCT Octane?

MCT Octane is a "Keto- Brain Dietary Supplement" containing 100% premium grade blend of C8 and C10 fats sourced only from palm oil. 

It's rich in medium-chain triglycerides that are easily converted into fuel in the form of ketones to support weight loss along with brain & energy boost.

Especially, in athletes, it reduces lactate buildup and provides excellent weight loss results by encouraging the use of fat for energy rather than for storage.

It's distilled from 100% pure palm oil that is an instant source of energy for your brain and body.

This supplement comes in liquid capsules that are super-easy to consume.

Health Benefits

  • Healthy source of fatty acids
  • Effective keto diet support
  • Boosts brain energy
  • Regulates appetite
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Promotes healthy body composition
  • Boosts overall energy and mood
  • Supports a healthy digestive bacterial environment
  • Reduces lactate buildup in athletes

Who Formulated MCT Octane?

GEMINA SPORTS formulates MCT Octane. It's manufactured by taking the needs of an athlete and fitness seeker under consideration. 

GEMINA SPORTS is a reputable brand in the sport & fitness industry; dedicated to training adults and kids "Martial Arts," "Jiu-Jitsu," and "Muay Thai Kickboxing" for self-defense, discipline, and fitness. 

This well-known brand is only selling those products that are backed by real science

MCT Octane Ingredient's Analysis

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil 1500mg

MCT oil promotes weight loss in several ways. Studies have been shown that it promotes the feeling of fullness as people taking two tablespoons of MCT oil in breakfast ended up eating less food for lunch (1).

It has also been shown to reduce body weight and waist circumference significantly. Several research studies even report that it could help prevent obesity (2)(3)(4)

It helps burn calories, so keep you in the fat-burning state (5)(6)(7). Additionally, it supports the gut lining by optimizing the growth of good bacteria, which could also help you lose weight (8).

It's also an instant source of energy for the brain (9). A research study found that athletes who took MCTs with food before cycling had lower lactate levels and found it easier to exercise (10)(11).

Vitamin E

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and assists immune function (12).

Are MCT Octane's Ingredients Safe And Effective?

GEMINA HEALTH supplements are manufactured in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility. The manufacturer guarantees that they use premium natural ingredients, efficacious doses, total label transparency, and contains no artificial fillers, preservatives, or food dyes.

The effectiveness of its ingredient is proven.

How To Take MCT Octane?

The recommended dose for adults is two liquid capsules daily. Each bottle of MCT Oil 100mg contains 30 liquid capsules. 

"Sum it up! MCT Octane by GEMINA HEALTH is backed by real science to support healthy weight loss along with brain & energy boost. "