The Den Talk Podcast

Meet Aaron Cadd. The head of Gemina Sports, BJJ black belt, business owner and dad to twin boys. Busy life is an understatement. Aaron proves that if you want to succeed you need to find the time to work. We discuss the similarities between fitness and life, business challenges and the mindset shift you need to take to make those big changes in life.

Quick update episode. We’re still here! Have been super busy the last few weeks but we are pushing on and have some great guests lined up for the next few episodes!

The man behind the bar. We’ve been busy the last week but we will make it up to you with our longest episode yet! The Big Sauce - Suamili Nanai. A dear friend who through all his commitments, dropped in for a chat. Gain an insight into the life of Australia’s best weightlifter. From an ongoing Navy Career, adjusting to life as an adult, playing rugby and the many adversities and rewards of his younger life. Of course we hear about the Commonwealth Games experience as well. Sua is a pillar of the WA fitness community, a role model like no other, and deserves all the praise we can give him. 2 and a half hours that won’t go wasted! 🐺

What a month of sport. The completion of the commonwealth games brought some interesting results for our weightlifters, highs lows and record attempts! We also discuss Ricky Garards return to the CrossFit Games and the debatable ruling of “Perths Fittest”.

Coming up on 3 short years in the sport, Tanaya is showing everyone just what it takes to reach the next level. A lot of 18 year olds lead very different lifestyles, but this is what it takes to be the best. No stranger to adversity or setbacks, Tanaya has what it takes mentally and physically to light up this sport in the years to come.

After a brief hiatus, business ventures, holidays and Covid, we are back for Season 2!

The road trip down to Cranbook 🚗 We ventured down to Mulberry Valley Farms to catch up with David James and his family! 👨‍🌾 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Gain an enriching insight into the life of farmer Dave and the journey behind one of Australia’s great athletes. 🏋️‍♀️ Raw, engaging and honest, you have to listen to this one.

Dylan Bergin. One of Australia’s best up and coming weightlifters. Hear his story of adversity, persistence and sheer will to not give up. Dylan trains at Ox WC with arguably the best weightlifters and coaches in Australia and definitely holds his own. The next few years will be big for him and we can’t wait to watch it unfold.

Learn more about Australia’s up and coming youth weightlifters. How a positive mindset is a perfect way to start the day and help us answer why CrossFit is so expensive!

Join us as we gain an insight into one of the Pacific Regions fittest athletes. Kieren recently competed at the Torian Pro alongside some of the biggest names in the sport. A deserving and fierce competitor, listen out for some insights into how he got there and what we can prepare for in the future.

Bam and Cam discuss lessons learnt in their first 5 episodes. Kids in the fitness scene and how parents influence all aspects of their lives. Starting a gym and tips on starting a business when you aren’t sure! **Episode is unedited**

Episode 5! Road trip up to Malaga WA to meet up with one half of Bertucci and Co. Paul from Hustle and Harvest! A dedicated man of faith, Paul epitomises achieving your dreams and that having a pillar of strength is just what you need to get through life’s challenges.

Episode 004! Join Bam and Cam as they discuss how tackling adversity and taking ownership is exactly what you need to become a better you and to better handle life’s challenges.

Episode #003 - Back for another one! Join us as we catch up with arguably one of WA’s fittest males, Conor Mceleny. Conor boasts an impressive CrossFit résumé whilst also being a national level weightlifter. Listen in for some insights into what it takes to be one of the fittest people in our scene.

Welcome to episode 002! Joining us for this episode is our first guest Brendan BK Kennedy from WA’s Grizzly’s Weightlifting. An experienced athlete, coach, club owner, BK brings a wealth of knowledge from the Strength and Conditioning scene from his time in weightlifting, strength training, working with elite teams such as the West Coast Eagles and coordinating and presenting for various organisations such as the AWF and ASCA.

Welcome to Den Talk! 2 Navy Veterans diving into the Australian Health and Fitness scene, targeting local athletes, business owners and subject matter experts! Episode 001 introduces your hosts Bam and Cam, from WA’s Wolfpack Barbell.