What are Essential Electrolytes?

What are Essential Electrolytes?
Traditionally, scientists have made a clear distinction between electrolytes and anions. The former are positively charged particles that move within the water molecules of all living cells to help transport electrical charges in the body. Examples of electrolytes would be potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Anions are negatively charged particles that make up all acids found in our body - sugars, amino acids, organic acids etc. Examples of anion would be chloride (from salt), bicarbonate (from baking soda or vinegar), nitrate/nitrite (naturally occurring compounds created from plants) and sulfate/sulfite (found in fruit).

What do we need to replenish?
It is important for our cells to have a constant supply of these electrolytes. Electrolytes are used by all cells of the body from the tiny ones in our blood to the big ones in our muscles and organs. They are needed by every cell to regulate how they secrete acids and what you need depends on the type of cell it is. For example, red blood cells use anions, white blood cells use potassium and platelets use phosphate. The water inside your cells wants a certain level of ions, pH, temperature and other chemicals in your body too...

How much do we really need?
How much you should be taking in is a question that can not be answered without going through the lab. There are a lot of factors that affect your body's needs for electrolytes, i.e. your diet, exercise regime and any other non-electrolyte related issues. Electrolytes are needed when you're low on energy from low blood glucose levels or when you're deficient in carbohydrates from fasting. They're also used by the muscles when they're oxygen hungry to replenish ATP.

Not all can afforded to go through a lab and with the fast life's we live, keeping a diet with all the health needs is hard to keep. By taking one capsule daily of Gemina Health's Essential Electrolytes it can help you stay in the safe zone and give you peace of mind.

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