Ubiquin 1 for Running

CoQ10 (Ubiquin One) I believe is one of the best supplements for running ; I started taking it a few years ago and noticed my performance. It reduces cramps, improves muscle efficiency, boosts your immune system, and increases athletic endurance. One random side-effect of CoQ10 is that it can also improve brain function by protecting the mitochondria in our cells from free radical damage.

Ubiquin 1 - What is it? Formulated with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to provide energy to the heart muscles during exercise, this supplement contains no caffeine or sugar and has no known side-effects or interactions with any medications
CoQ10: A powerful natural compound which has been shown to support cardiovascular health even when taken as a dietary supplement. Research shows that coenzyme Q10 has the ability to support healthy levels of physical activity, and may provide benefits for those people with heart-related health concerns.

Ubiquin 1 is a supplement in pill form which is used to increase your endurance while doing exercise.“Ubiquin 1™ is a natural supplement used specifically by the body’s energy providing process: the Krebs Cycle, which creates ATP (energy) within our cells. Ubiquin 1™ is one of the few supplements that could potentially have some improvement in endurance, muscle tone, and even brain activity.
Makesure you give it a try I think you'll love it !