Running at 40?

Running at 40, yep I think its a progression us men go through in life.

Really, I'm just talking about myself. I was dead against running most of my life. I always thought it would be to hard on my knees. Training many years in BJJ I needed my knees. My BJJ game is all about hooks and pressure down through my legs, running was out as far as I was concerned.

But now at 44 my elbow has blown out and I need to get my fix of hard work. So running is my new mental game. Sport is always about head strength and I'm finding long distance running is just that.

Enough of me, I'm writing this to share about what I think you need to know and use to run at our age.

Its important to spend the money on some good running shoes. This will save you from too much damage to your knees and hips.

Where to run
I'm very paranoid about my knees blowing out so I choose to run bush tracks instead of roads. I find its harder because of hills / uneven ground. I find it a bit easier on the joints, there's better things to look at and cleaner air to breathe. But with that said you choose what works for you.

I have knee and elbow compression braces. I only wear my elbow brace while running but I wear both my  knee braces during and after running. Sometimes I'll put them on all day under my jeans and it really helps with keeping the heat in which helps with blood flow.

What to listen to?
That's your choice again. Music, podcasts or just listening to the birds its up to you whatever keeps you moving. I hate wasting time so I try to educate while running. I'll listen to books or pod casts. I find if I'm into a good book I just keep running. The better the book the further I run.

Start Slow
I started just walking stairs which lead to stair runs which moved onto running 14kms easy which makes me think of a marathon and knowing myself will lead into an ultra.

You don't have to go to extremes you just have to start.

1kms to 2kms to 3kms you get it. The hardest part is your thought pattern.

Ill do a blog on this later (maybe a few videos), but for now, you know what's stiff so stretch it. There is so much information on YouTube its easy to find.
Spend a little money on a cheap massage gun too, they help, I use one.

Vitamins and Supplements
This one is also up to you. Experiment, try different vitamins and supps - they help with recovery. As we age we lose a lot of hormones and struggle to take in many vitamins and minerals. A lack of them can lead to energy loss, fatigue and lack of natural recovery.

Do some research and find what works best for you. I've tried pretty much everything.

I love Ubquin 1 from my store Gemina Health but my dad tried it and finds they are not for him. I also have younger friends who are into pre workout but for me its to strong.

I think you get the drift.

Thanks for reading.

One more thing to say,  JUST START  its easy.