Looking to Improve Focus and Overall Mental Clarity

Nootropics might just be your answer. . .
Nootropics are a class of cognitive enhancing supplements that are becoming more and more popular in recent years. They can reduce mental distractions and help you focus, increase your memory capacity, help prevent Alzheimer's disease, manage anxiety, and improve your mood. Essentially, they're the world's best brain tonic.

If you're interested in becoming smarter, more focused and more productive, then this article is for you.

What Exactly are Nootropics?
In a nutshell, nootropics are chemically designed supplements capable of boosting the brain's neurochemistry. They improve mental clarity and help the user think more clearly. According to Dr. John Coates, author of "Nootropic: The Art and Science of Brain Optimization," "Nootropics affect the brain in a definite way that produces noticeable effects.

We have also found natural ways in helping you achieve mental clarity.
"The more clear your brain works, the more capable and efficient you become."

Brain Reflection Exercise:
Dr. Richard Restak, in his book, "Brainscapes," writes about the importance of meditation in creating inner peace and relaxing the mind. In fact, he refers to meditation as an exercise that will not only help clear your mind, but also increase your brain power. He compares it to setting a computer to defragment itself.

What is Brain Food?
In his book "Brain Food," Dr. Eric Braverman provides us with several foods that can help us to achieve and maintain good brain health. He lists the following brain foods:
Whole Grains Cereal, Bran, Oatmeal and Whole grains.

Whole grains are important because they contain high amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin E is needed for proper brain functioning. According to Dr. Braverman, eating whole grains has been shown to slow cognitive aging by as much as five years.
You can also supplement with nootropics for a greater chance of good brain function:
"Nootropics are a class of cognitive enhancing supplements that are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

Here are some of the key ingredients you should be looking for when choosing a nootropic supplement,

St. John's Wort
A plant that grows in the wild has been used for centuries for mental health conditions. It's widely prescribed for stress and depression and effective in elevating mood and reducing anxious thoughts (1). Moreover, it's also for endurance athletes (2).

It's a fatty substance that covers and protects your brain cells. A research study published in mental illness suggests that it regulates mood swings (3)(4). It is very good for people with high physical activities as it reduces stress caused due to physical activities and improves performance.

Glutamine is an anti-fatigue amino acid, helps to improve muscle gain and athletic performance (5).

Huperzine A
It's an ingredient purified from a plant used for treating Alzheimer's disease, loss of mental abilities, and muscular disorders (6)(7). A research study published in the National Institute on Aging demonstrated that using huperzine A for four weeks improves the memory of participants who complain of memory problems.

Bacopa Monnieri
It's a staple plant that helps to enhance brain function, improves memory, and reduces anxiety (8)(9).
A two-week study published in Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine demonstrated that taking either 300mg or 600mg of Bacopa monnieri extract daily improved attention, memory, and the ability to process information.

Gingko Biloba
It's a tree that leaves and seeds used in traditional Chinese medicine. A study published in Human Psychopharmacology stated that supplementing with ginkgo increase mental performance (10).

DMAE (dimethylethanolamine)
DMAE helps to protect brain cells and affects mood (11).
In 1977, a small study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society demonstrated that DMAE reduces anxiety, depression, and irritability.

It's an amino acid that helps in providing energy (12). A study published in Frontiers in Bioscience found that supplementation with Acetyl-L-Carnitine has shown positive health benefits in neuro-inflammation.

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