Gym Supplements

Okay this could go in so many directions and I know what your thinking, but no I'm going to start it with this 

Supplements definition meaning,

A dietary substance containing one or more nutrients and intended to be taken in addition to an individual's customary diet.
My personal opinion,
We all know that we need a healthy diet to have the best chance of being healthy. We can try but it's hard to make sure our diet has everything that we need without taking supplements.

Next, gym supplements definition,

A bodybuilding supplement designed to be used in conjunction with a fitness routine. These supplements are normally taken by athletes in the gym to make them stronger and increase endurance.
It's important to say that I am not against taking supplements, but I am against you taking everything and anything without researching it first. There is so much information out there and its hard to know what is true.
So what supplements should you be taking at the gym?
I thought I would make a list of what supplements I would recommend and why, so that you can get the most out of your gym experience.

First of all, protein is the most basic thing you need to build lean muscle.
Whey protein is a fast absorbing protein supplement that can be used in the post-workout phase to help repair damaged muscles quickly.

Second, a good pre workout drink can help with having enough energy to get through your gym session. If you can find one with good nootropics ingrediencies like Jack Distance Light from Gemina Health you'll be able to keep the laser focus with the stamina of a full on workout.

Third, a good natural test focused vitamin (DHEA) style to help with the cut look and gym aggression for killer pumps.

Forth, oils, MCT, CLA,. A good oil, keep the motor running. These can help with combining everything together while keeping your joints smooth and your brain active.

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Happy lifting