Getting the edge in Golf

Golf can be frustrating and some would say its a good way to ruin a walk.
But for us, the ones crazy enough to hit a little ball into a little hole a long way away with the least amount of swings, I have a little secret to share with you.

Golf is an exercise in mental toughness.
I know you've heard it all before. 'No one likes a sore loser', 'This was your best shot' and 'Golf is a game of inches'. But I think the best advice I have ever been given regarding golf was from my father, "This is what you need to be prepared for", he then proceeded to tell me that everyone plays golf differently, and that no matter how badly I play, if I roll the ball in properly, it makes no difference.


Okay enough kidding around and straight to the point.
Nootropics...… yep, that's right. Nootropics and Golf is my Jacks and Coke.
The reason why I think the use of nootropics have improved my game so much, is partly down to the effects they have on my mood and focus. I am glad I was able to find a all natural nootropic that was suitable for me.

I tried all kinds of different nootropics including various racetams and caffeine, but it wasn't until I found out about Clarity from Gemina Health that things really started to improve.

What is Clarity?
Clarity Factor is the nootropic supplement supporting brain performance by entirely relying on natural herbs and amino acids. It also supports increased blood flow to your brain to help optimise focus and concentration that you need while in intense stressed environments.

Give it a try, I'm sure you wont be disappointed.