Curcumin the anti-inflammation powerhouse

Inflammation can be defined as an immune response from the body to the presence of potential pathogens.
It is a protective mechanism, that can be both destructive and constructive.
Inflammation is the main cause of many diseases and disorders.
It can lead to the development of chronic diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Research suggests that curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory food which can help with inflammatory conditions.
Curcumin found in turmeric plants is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Curcumin supplements have been shown to be one of the most powerful natural remedies for inflammation.
The combination of turmeric and black pepper extract is a significant anti-inflammatory.

Curcumin and black pepper these components act together to provide benefits. They have a synergistic effect on health, performance and wellbeing.

Bioperine (black pepper) which enhances absorption of curcuminoids (turmeric) by up to 500%. Black Pepper Extract slows down the intestinal transit time, activates the protein kinase and phosphorylates p70 S6 kinase, which is involved in the signalling of human inflammatory response.

Turmeric root has been used for as long as 2000 years, it keeps the materials in the intestines longer so that it stays in contact with the cells in the intestines. The other way that it increases absorption is through inhibiting enzymes that are part of the detoxification process in the liver.

Curcumin  supplements and Brain function: Curcumin has been found to improve memory function. It has also been found to reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain and improve cognition in people with metabolic syndrome.
The two compounds are fat-soluble nutrients that work synergistically to provide protection against free radical damage. This is very important because studies have shown that inflammation not only causes damage to our body, but it also affects cognition, learning, growth and development. Curcumin also enhances the synthesis of DHA, an Omega 3 fatty acid, directly in the liver and brain. After regular intake of curcumin, it reduces the levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), a toxic byproduct produced when fat breaks down, in the brain.
Curcumin also helps in decreasing pro-inflammatory mediators when there is an injury to the brain.

Curcumin has anti-depressant properties.
Curcumin is also a great antioxidant.

Curcumin and Cancer: Curcumin induces apoptosis in cancer cells, antifolate, antiproliferative properties and antitumor activity.

Curcumin and Alzheimer’s: Curcumin has been found to be effective in the treatment of dementia. It inhibits accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.

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