Crash PM an Alterative to Melatonin Styled Sleep Aids

Crash from Gemina Health, not just another sleep aid. Crash PM has been put together to support people with melatonin allergies or people that just don't like melatonin supplements. By using the ingrediencies in Crash instead of melatonin, the company has produced a product that is similar to an over-the-counter sleep aid and is also free of side effects.

Crash PM from Gemina Health was put together to be both a sleep aid and one that those who don't like melatonin can enjoy. Crash PM effectively does the same thing as many other sleep aids on the market but with less negative side effects and an added bonus of helping weight loss.
Crash PM is an immune-supportive weight loss blend that is formulated for burning fat while you sleep. It’s a revolutionary break-through in the fat loss industry without caffeine or other stimulants.

It’s an essential amino-acid. Research studies have been shown that dietary L-arginine supplementation decreased white fat mass while enhancing skeletal muscle mass. It holds great promise as a safe and cost-effective nutrient to reduce obesity and increase muscle mass.
It’s the most abundant circulating amino acid. Studies have been shown that glutamine supplementation favours weight loss in non-dieting obese female patients. It’s safe and effective in favouring weight loss.
L-Ornithine HCL
Studies have been shown that it reduces fatigue and improves measures of athletic performance such as speed, strength, and power.
It also has the potential to relieve stress and improve sleep quality related to fatigue.
Colostrum Powder
A 12-week research study in 35 adult distance runners claimed that daily colostrum supplement intake can boost immunity and ability to fight infections . Other research studies also showed the same results.
Ornithine Alpha- Keto Glutarate
It’s a keto acid. Studies have been shown that it lowers body weight and promotes immunity.
L-Glycine holds promise for improving health by protecting muscle mass and stimulating loss of adipose tissue. Studies also claimed that it affects your brain and could help you fall and stay asleep.
L-Lycine HCL
Studies have been shown that lysine fortification can reduce anxiety and lessens stress.
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