Compression Braces

I came across compression braces for the first time when I was browsing through a website of sporting and medical equipment. This is in relation to my personal experience with them as well as what they are exactly.

A compression brace is an orthopaedic device that helps prevent injury by compressing joints and providing support to muscles. They provide stability while decreasing muscle effort which can help decrease strain on the body by preventing fatigue. They come in many forms from open and closed toe to the material used, from airsoft to leather.

There are many sports that use these braces such as baseball, cycling, football, hockey to name a few. Two types of knee braces: patellar and quadriceps. The patellar brace is for injury prevention while the quadriceps brace is meant for people who have already had a damaged ligament in their knee and will then rehabilitate it with the brace while preventing further damage.

Although there may be arguments that these are simply just an advanced training method, many coaches have used them for years to prevent injury. This is especially important for sports with injury prevention as the injuries are often a result of repetitive movements. The brace can help to prevent muscle strains and torn ligaments by providing necessary support that may otherwise not be present with regular practice. This can also create a “functional” strength in the muscle groups and allow athletes to work at lighter loads than they would normally do in training because they are prevented from overloading their muscles. Not only does this help to prevent injury but it can also help athletes’ performance as well.

One example of how compression braces can be used is for an athlete who has an acute ligament injury and is working in order to rehabilitate it. There are many straps which hold the knee together while training to strengthen the muscles that surround the area and prevent further injury. While this may be more specific to individuals who have suffered from ACL injuries, ankle and elbow braces are also useful because it can help with rehabilitating those areas.

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