Are you Prepared?

Prepares, survivalists, hikers, dooms day prepares, adventurists and all in-between have you ever considers stocking vitamins and supplements?
Maybe you don't need to have a full year's supply, but do you have enough for 90 days?

What if the grid goes down, no fridge, no internet, no water mayhem at the shops, you know how it goes.
You could need to survive for at least 90 days before everything gets back up and running.
Now storing 90 days worth of food maybe to expensive and just not reasonable but to have a little long life milk powder, rice and can foods, you know the essentials in the cupboarded could be just what's needed for peace of mind.

Supplements and vitamins stored can give almost everything that's hard to come buy when food is scares. If you can't afford 90 days of food, than by all means start there and as the savings build up you could slowly build a storage of food that would last for a long time.

So what vitamins and supplements should be stored for a long time?
This is a matter of opinion, but remember you wont need to spend tons of money here.

Protein powder is a great option.
Protein powders would be my first choice of supplements that can be stored.
Protein gives you energy, feeds your muscles and can make you feel full for a long periods of time. Mixes with water and can be stored for about a year.

Electrolyte's anther one I would ad to my stock, if water is running low and you cant get enough to hydrated this could be an option .
Electrolyte's are the next best thing to really good food.
Good nutrients are hard to come by in an emergency situation, but electrolytes can give you energy and help give you fluids when your body is dehydrated.

A good multi vitamin and mineral formula.
There is a lot of these on the market and if you need to add some nutrition to your diet, this would be a great one to add.
This could give your body what it's missing and if you add other nutrition such as protein powders, or vitamins and minerals like calcium and Magnesium this can give you all the energy you need for work and keep your muscles in good shape.

Pre work out, Okay this may not be one that is so important but think about if looting, robberies and the streets become mad, wouldn't you like to be laser focused and ready for action?

There are so many vitamins and supplements that you'll need. Slowly go through and choose what suits you and who you plan to be with if dooms day ever happens.
Prepping is fun gives you a peace of mind and makes you learn skills that you've probably never thought of. But remember do go too far down the rabbit hole it can get very expensive and can take over your life.

Have fun with life and always be ready (for 90 days)
Thanks for reading
Gemina Health