Age and Supplements

Why do we need to use supplements when we age?
Many people think of our body as a machine, and when it starts to break down they try to fix it with more exercise. They believe that supplements can be harmful, but the fact is that supplements can become necessary when we age and at times more necessary because of other health conditions such as diseases or thyroid conditions. They are also necessary for specific activities like childbirth or surgery where the body needs extra nutrients and energy for recovery.

Most cells in our body take their energy from glucose (blood sugar) whereas some cells use fat which comes from dietary sources like vegetables, meat, dairy products and fish. Supplements can help when diets are less adequate or when the body cannot get energy from food. Supplements can also be used to prevent future illness or diseases, or as a preventative health measure for health risks like cancer.

How do we know if we need supplements?
The answer to this question is different for each person. We must work with your doctor or naturopath (natural healthcare provider) to see whether supplements are necessary for your specific needs. You should also review the dietary effect on blood sugar and fat levels in your diet.

So I believe a good multi vitamin everyday is a must if you live a active life style and eat a diet that does not have a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.
There are many different types of multi vitamins on the market today.