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Supplements for Extreme Exercise-Endure Longer & Recover Faster 

By far my favourite product from Gemina Health. "Deep sleep" gives me the best night of sleep and recovery time I need. Looking forward to try more products from Gemina.

Kevin Jousset (Up and Coming MMA Super Star)

As a holistic chiropractor who specialises in sport, I care for patients ranging from budding young talents to weekend warriors in various levels from amateur to world class professional. I trust Gemina Health in providing effective and natural supplementation's to help my patients achieve their goals and also helping to maintain their tip-top physical and mental states.

Dr Jackson Yee (Spearwood Chiropractic Perth WA)

The Immunity, chewable multivitamins & ACV gummies have been working great to get me well again!

They taste way to good too! Thanks guys 

Josephine Masiello (2 time BJJ world champion)

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